Cervical Spondylosis

The age-related Cervical Spondylosis is a spinal disorder. With the growing age the disks start to dehydrate and shrink,they may cause bony projections along the ages of the bones. People who are older than 60 has an 85 percent chance of getting cervical spondylosis. It also become worse with the age. In cervical spondylosis , the space between the nerve root, that pass through the spine to the rest of your body, and spinal cord gets narrow that may result in many disorders like

General weakness of your arms, legs,hands ,feet etc.

Difficulty in walking

Loss of bladder

Along with the age, there are certain other factors that may cause cervical spondylosis like

Occupationthat may include the jobs which need repetitive neck motion or such posture that may have an extra stress on neck.

Genetic Factors these changes may occure in some families even before time.

Smoking may cause an increase in neck pain.

The symptoms may include pain or stiffness in the neck. The disks of our backbone acts like a link between the spine and nerve root by the age of 40 most people experience drying and shrinking of the spinal disks that may cause more bone-on-bone contact between the vertebrae. In the process of disk degeneration the spine starts producing extra bones in an effort to give strength to the spine. The spurs of these bones sometimes pinch the spinal cords and nerve roots. Neck becomes less flexible with the growing age this may also cause cervical spondylosis.

The treatments may include medication,non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines are commonly used. Physical therapy is another treatment that may help the patient to relax the muscles. Surgery is also an option but it is less common for cervical spondylosis.

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