Cervical Dystonia

When your neck muscles cause your head turns to one side and it results in a painful condition,it is Cervical Dystonia. It is caused by the contraction of the neck muscles. It is also called spasmodic torticollis. This condition may also cause your neck to move forward without your control. According to the movement of the neck , specific names are given to the same problem like laterocollis ,when head tilts to side . Retrocollus  when head tilts back and antrocollis when head tilts forward.

In cervical Dystonia,  the neck muscles starts moving involuntarily and the contractions may cause the abnormal posture of head and neck as well. If the contractions continue one after the other this may produce the jerky movements of head. The pain may begin from the neck and spread in the shoulders. The disease may be caused genetically or it may be caused by anyphysical trauma. It is actually a neurological disorder. It is often confused by the general stiff neck , arthritis or wryneck. The Diagnosis is normally based on the study of the history of the effected patient .A complete neurological  and physical by an expert Is needed to diagnose cervical dystonia.

The treatments may include medication ,exercises and therapy ,according to the intensity of the problem. A regular botulinum toxin injections are given to treat the affected muscles. If

the patient is not recovered , selective denervation surgery is the second option, it stimulates the nerve that  are associated with the affected nerve cells.These treatments helps the patient to recover pain slowly and gradually. The patient is advised to do certain relaxation practices to recover completely.

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